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Be sure to read my blog today.  I have some great marketing news for all my writing friends and reading friends too!


Debbi and I will be selling and signing our books at......
in Receptions next to Jungle Jims at
4450 Eastgate S. Dr
10 am to 3 PM

October 27,2014

See you there!

IT'S HERE!!!!!



The press release was sent out on 8/4 the official release date for Where's Pumpkin?.  We are ready to set up readings and signings. 

Our new chapter book is about my Shihtzu, Pumpkin.  She is a rescue dog that was picked up by the SPCA  in Cincinnati and discovered by the Shihtzu rescue group.  They moved her to a foster home until I adopted her.

I wrote of what might have happened to her before I found her.  Pumpkin tells her OWN story in a book geared to middle grade readers but it is a story anyone can enjoy.   Pumpkin is truly adorable and Debbi has captured her charm and personality in the illustrations.   

We are proud to announce the Cincinnati SPCA has endorsed our book and part of the purchase price of the book will be donated to them so they can help more lonely frightened animals.  

********READ ON FOR PICTURES*********   ******** AND EVENT ACTIVITIES *********
                Visiting Schools and Reading
  A Garden! A Garden! and Good Grief, It's Winter!
has been totally amazing for this author/illustrator team.
Debbi and I have been to more libraries, schools and events than we ever imagined and our schedule keeps growing. 
                       and growing, and growing.......

 Our books are now available at the Cincinnati nature Center as well as all 5 of The Great Parks
of Hamilton County gift shops.
 On 11/1/2013 we read to the kindergarten through third grade at Bethany School.  We were so impressed by the  delightful children and the beautiful school.  It feels like the campus of a small university.  How lucky those  children are.  We enjoyed sharing A Garden! A Garden! with them.
Recently we had an all day event at the great school of
Central Montessori Academy.  What an amazing group of students we had the privilege of spending the day with.  Ironically that morning the weather forecast was calling for snow and ice (which we did not get, fortunately) so reading Good Grief, It's Winter! seemed very appropriate.
Here Nancy and Debbi are having a little fun entertaining the children during the reading of Good Grief, It's Winter!  What fun we all had.
The children were so polite and well behaved!  A big thank you goes out to Ms. Dubay for the invitation to be with the children at CMA.
Many of our new friends there purchased books from us.  Please
don't forget to use the instructions on the last page to download an audio version of the book.  Debbi and Nancy read the audio version just the way we read it to the children in person~the audio even has the
same instructions for the interactive parts where the children help read.         (Just listen for the animal to take that breath.)
Here's Debbi with one of her special friends from Central Montessori Academy.
This  wonderful young artist did an exceptional job coloring her mask of Mama Bear.
In Good Grief, It's Winter!  we learn that bears hibernate in
the winter.  The book also talks about migration and animals that store food for the winter. 
                                  BIG NEWS FLASH! 
Hopefully you were watching Morning Extra on Fox 19 the morning of 1/11/2013.  We were interviewed by Tracey Johnson and talked about the release of our second edition of A Garden! A Garden!  We were so thrilled to have this opportunity.  
Nancy and Debbi had the honor of spending an entire day at
Amelia Elementary on Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012.  We introduced our newest book "Good Grief, It's Winter"
and had a ball!  The kids are an important part of our reading, as they have to join in as the animals
chant "Good grief, it's winter!"
We had assembly sized groups of
130 children at a time...and their behavior was amazing! What a joy they were. 
After our reading sessions, we had a signing party for those children who bought books.  We had music, punch and cookies.  Nancy had written a special poem for these children and Debbi had some drawing tips.  A special time with young book enthusiasts.
Amelia Elementary, Oct. 24, 2012
                                   Sept. 18, 2012
We had our first official reading of "Good Grief, It's Winter! at the Deer Park Library on E. Galbraith.  We had a blast, what a wonderful group of preschoolers we had!  Thanks so much to the wonderful children's librarian there, Mary Beth! 
It's done!  We have now recorded the audio for both our books~Good Grief, It's Winter! and A Garden! A Garden!  It was really fun and we learned so much about recording.  Just think - Debbi and I can read our book to your favorite child in the comfort of your own home!  And it's interactive....we'll instruct your child how to chime in as we read. (just listen for the animal to take a breath.)
Our first order of books for signings has arrived! Can't wait to get started. We have another exciting project too.  With the new book, you can download an audio version of the book and guess who's voices you will hear reading?  Yep!  We have talked to the recording studio. As soon as we have a practice session we will set up the recording.  Sounds like fun.  It's a really nice addition.  Now your favorite child can hear the story when you can't read it.  
We are making progress.  We can order books to sell before the book actuallly goes into production to be available on line and in retail stores.  That means we will have books for our local buyers for Christmas.  That will make our customers who bought A Garden! A Garden! very happy.  By September we can start reading to the schools.  We really look forward to that. We have as much fun as the children do. 
I'll be doing some readings with Everyone's Child too.  The new paperback book is perfect for book clubs and high school readers.  It's much more affordable that the hard back.  I still have customers who prefer the more permanent hard cover but the price on the paperback is very appealing. 
We are so excited.  Our new book is going into production.  We are hoping to have Good Grief! It's Winter! available by November.  Keep your fingers crossed.  We have a wonderful new publisher.  Just saw the first proof today.  It's going to be an adorable book.  We'll keep you posted on the progress.  We'll be anxious to be back in the classrooms with our new book. 
I still marvel at folks from faraway places who check out my site.  I do wish I knew a bit about you. 

I am working on a book about my dog pumpkin.  She is a rescue dog so I decided to try to write about what I think happened to her and how she got to me.  I adore this little dog so much but if she was a stray for a time I have write that she was cold, tired, hungry and oh so frightened.  That's a very painful thing to do.  
Just arrived home from a trip home ( That's Galion Ohio)  Our class - the class of '52 has a lunch get together twice a year.  We met yesterday (Wednesday) to enjoy each other and plan our 60th reunion next year.  Can we be that old??? 
While I was there, I stopped at The Evergreen Company at 117 Harding Way East.  The owner, Susan, carries my books.  I left some of the new paperback copies of Everyone's Child with her.  With Christmas coming it will make a great gift for anyone who would like to know what Galion was like during WWII in the 1940's.  It also shows how war affects the life of a child living through a war.  It's my story but it could be the story of any child and any war.
She also has A Garden! A Garden! available.  It is a great gift for small children who like to be read to or beginning readers who like a story they can read by themselves. 
Hi All,
Debbi is busy with the illustrations for our sequel to A Garden! A Garden!.  Each new drawing she shows me is cuter than the last.  The new book tells about our animals who are now heading into winter, appropriately titled "Good Grief, It's Winter!"   This will be a chapter book dealing with hibernation, migration and the  winter survival of a variety of  adorable animals.  

Nancy and Debbi at the Marimont Library for a
A Garden!  A Garden!
Hi, Debbi here. 
 Nancy and I have had an amazing 2 years visiting schools from Cincinnati to Dayton reading A Garden!  A Garden!  We've done crafts, story times and I've had the chance to be an art teacher again.  All thanks to A Garden.  At this point, things are getting busy again.   Nancy is in the midst of writing a second story, much like Garden, more adorable animals, the same easy reading, rhyming prose...but this time it's all about winter survival of the animals.  I'm having a blast drawing bears, humming birds and a variety of other animals.   At this point, we're still in the writing/drawing phase, so there's no release date.   But when ever it's out, we'd love to start visiting the schools, libraries and book stores again! 
And now, thanks to Nancy, I have been contacted by another author who has written a children's book called The Little Red Frog.  She asked me to illustrate her story, and how could I turn down a children's book with animals?   It's an adorable story with a great message at the end.  The publishing house for this book is Briona Glen.
If you'd like a sneak peak at some of the pages, the website is   Have no fear, I'm still working with Nancy on more of our woodland animal books!  She has so many ideas, I may  be drawing animals for a long time!                                Debbi
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