Nancy -
My favorite form of art is simply called "pen & ink."  It's the same technique I used to draw the illustrations for A Garden!  A Garden! 
and Good Grief, It's Winter!
About 20 years ago, I started drawing my friends' pets
as gifts of appreciation for various reasons.  That activity
has blossomed into a hobby that now keeps me very busy.
I draw from your photos ~ my goal: capture your pet's personality.
If this is something you feel your pet "deserves" please feel
free to contact me at my personal e-mail address of
I meet with each new client in person if possible  (otherwise, phone calls and the US mail work.) I like to discuss what you have in mind for your pet's drawing, the final size, facial view, etc.
The cost is $85.00 and includes a legal statement giving you permission to make copies.  I'll also give you a "starter kit" enabling you to print note cards from your pet's drawing.
I've also illustrated a book for another author, Noele Williams.  This book is titled The Little Red Frog .  It's very similar to A Garden! in that it's about animals, but different for me in that the entire book is in full color.   I've had a blast being able to paint, and I totally love frogs, so it's another dream come true.   Cute story with a great message at the end. 
If you'd like a sneak peak at some of the pages, the website is <>
My true love is teaching art to kids.  I love teaching the drawing techniques I use...and I have taught these techniques on all elementary levels from kindergarten thru to adults.  If you would be interested in having me as a guest artist, I would gladly demonstrate and teach texture, shading, 1 point perspective, etc. to your class.  Feel free to contact me at my personal e-mail address of
This was a lesson in 1 point perspective which I was invited to present to a class of students at Amelia Elementary.  After showing some examples and giving a brief explanation, each student was given a 12 x 18" sheet of paper.   To their surprise, I had written each of their names in block letters.  (With, of course, 1 point on the paper.) The success rate with this lesson for me is fantastic, each child ends up with their name "disappearing into the point."  The kids had a blast, and I had the thrill of teaching art again.
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