Nancy -

     This student at St. Aloysius
     Gonzaga was taking the
     art lesson very seriously.
     (And did a beautiful job!)

This young man at Central Montessori Academy was concentrating so hard on his work, I don't believe he even knew a photo was being taken.
His mask of Mama Bear was
a work of art when he was finished!

Talented artists at the Deer Park Library.  They were our first group to hear "Good Grief, It's Winter!"


We had some great times with our story times at the East Gate Borders. (we really miss that store)

We do meet great artists where ever we read!
 Three "raccoon" artists
guarding the garden at
Wilson Elementary.
    I love this Mama Bear
at Central Montessori Academy. 

These are the hard
working third graders
of St. Helen School
in Dayton, Ohio after
a lesson in "pen & ink"
techniques.  Such good
writers and artists, Nancy and I have some serious competition!
These adorable students are
from Willowville, Elementary.
Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Clark invited us to spend the day talking about our story.

Who's having more fun, the children at Central Montessori Academi, or Debbi Kern?  It's a toss up!
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