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I'm so glad I wrote that book!
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Catching up

 Catching up.  It has been a log time, but I've been a bit swamped with my writing. 

Debbie and I have a new children's book coming out soon.  Spring Babies (the bees told the robin and the robin told me) is a delightful story of our famous turtle waking from her winter nap, needing assurance that is was really Spring.  She finds spring babies and finally finds the babies that make her sure it really is Spring.

Reading to schools led me to a community in Northern Kentucky with a Catholic school beside a church, high on a hill,  that had been in operation since 10 years before the civil war.  My new book,God's Hill (a history of love and stewardship) is a history of that beautiful hill.  It cronicals the trials, struggles, successes and heartaches of this inspiring little community.  I will be published within the next 60 days.

I also wrote another memoir.  I call this one Live Begins at Seventy Five.   I'm not sure this will be published but it will be the basis for a new project.  This no-tech great great grandma  is going to produce a podcast.  Really!  I have a great coach or I would never try this.  I still have trouble using my smart phone.  I'll let you know where and when soon. 

I'm so glad I wrote that book!

January 17, 2015
I had a phone message when I got home a few days ago.  The voice said they knew me many years ago and would I call her back.  I didn't recognize the last name at all, but the first name was the same as a child hood friend I has lost track of.  I told my husband I was sure it couldn't be her but how wonderful it would be. To my amazement, it was her.

She lives out west now.  A friend told her about a book she read that told a lot about Galion, Ohio.  Her friend knew she had lived there and thought she might like to read the book.  When she brought it to her, she recognized my childhood picture on the cover of the book - Everyone's Child. 

She asked her daughter to help her find the author of that book.  She found my site and my phone number so her mother could call me.  What a joy.  We were so close from kindergarten through the sixth grade.  She moved away that summer and I was crushed.  That was nearly 70 years ago!  I am very proud of my memoir -Everyone's Child - and what a thrill it is that it brought a wonderful friend back into my world! 

A New Year

It's that time again, when we make all those resolutions for drastic improvements to ourselves and our families, than proceed to change nothing.  I am not making any typical resolutions - although I wish I could lose some weight, and I'm sure my writing would be better if I delegated more time for it. 

I'm only making one promise.  I will refuse to see anything negative.  At 80, I have finally learned that we are surrounded by positives that we refuse to see.  Each and every day I will find something I am really thankful for and thank whoever is responsible for that gift - for positives are gifts.   The call of a cheerful neighbor over the backyard fence, the smile of the clerk at the grocery store, or the hug of the little girl in the waiting room, are all gifts of friendship.  The door being held by a denim clad teen and the unexpected compliment from a stranger are gifts of love. 

I realize how lucky I am and I want to be more vocal about it.  I want the happiness and joy I experience every day to become part of the day of everyone around me.  

I have three books in the works and my muse is not cooperating at all.  It frustrates me but doesn't dampen my spirit.  I have met success in so many ways that I know this will pass.  The thrill of knowing I met another challenge is just around the corner.  I look forward to tomorrow and want everyone around me to enjoy it as I know I will.

I pray for God's blessing for a new year filled with health, happiness and fulfillment. 


More Marketing!

I have another site and gentleman I want you to meet.  Again, getting the word out about our books is difficult, to say it very gently.  We try everything to increase those sales.  Much has been said about video book trailers being so great.  I had one made at considerable expense for my memoir.  The sound tract is so poor it has not produced any advantage for me at all....but I decided I wanted one for my new book - Where's Pumpkin.  I searched and I searched for someone to make one for me at an affordable price.  When you find someone who makes them the price sends you running. I spent several days searching but finally found "gold". 

Go to  you will see a video box with the picture of a friendly looking fellow. Click on the box and prepare to be amazed.  That voice!  The price doesn't send you running either.   I played the video over and over.  Then I looked at numerous videos Enigma had produced and decided to call him.  He was super helpful so I decided to try it.  Debbi Kern, my illustrator and I had talked about this several time but she didn't seem too interested and wasn't sure it would help sell books.  I put Jason Forbis to work on my own.  When the project was complete I sent a video to Debbi.  Word came back instantly.  "I love it." she said.  "How much did it cost and where did you find that great voice?"

Go to the site and contact Jason.  Tell him Nancy Orlando sent you.   I know you will be pleased.

I feel like a marketing pro now that I have a great place to advertise and an equally great place to have my book trailers made!  Marketing is getting easier and isn't breaking the bank either!



October 4, 2014
I have a site and a gentleman I want you all to meet.  I will add a link to his site in the next few days.  As you all know, I'm 80 and I barely get through each day in the digital world.  Until I learn how to do this, you can go to  if you are an author, like myself, You can advertise your books for very little money - sometimes even Free!  As hard as it is to get the word out about your books, this site is a real blessing.

The Gentleman's name is Riley Geddings.  I first met him on linkedin.  Go to the site and look it over.  Ads run 3 months and run $18,$24 and $27.  For all my reading buddies, where else can you find the very latest books by new authors (and some well known as well)  That new book I am so excited about is on the Kidz Page on this site.  I'm on a wait list for an ad I want to put in for another book.  Yes, it's that busy.  I don't know how he came up with the idea, but it's a great one.  When you contact him tell him Nancy Orlando sent you.  Remember

I'll get the link up - I promise.  Then I can brag that I learned something new with this crazy "stuff".  I'm really going digital too.  I have a new Galaxy tablet and a gl smartphone.  Of course, I can't use either one yet............... but I have them.  Watch out world.  I'll catch you yet! 

New publisher!

Where's Pumpkin is finally printed and available.  I'm excited about this wonderful new book for many reasons.  It's a book that anyone at any age can enjoy.  Debbi has again outdone herself with the illustrations.  She has even captured the little expressions pumpkin has.  (If you think a dog doesn't have expressions you have never met Pumpkin!)

I am also pleased that the Cincinnati SPCA has endorsed the book.  They became a big part of Pumpkin's life when they rescued her from a life on the streets.  I am also popping my buttons about my new publisher.  It's ME!

Self publishing has as many cons and it has pros but I want to try it.  I think it will work just fine for us.  With the Print on Demand publishers I have been using it is almost impossible to get a book on a bookstore shelf for several reasons.  Mainly there is no return privilege if the book doesn't sell and no shop owner can afford to keep merchandise that doesn't sell.
Now that I am the publisher I can accept returns after a fair marketing effort has been made.  I can also offer the book on consignment to small shops so they can diversify without extra expense.

I am looking forward to this new area for my writing business.  I'll keep you informed in future blogs.     

A new project!

I read one of my children's books to a school that has been actively teaching since the 1840's.  Maintaining the school is a community effort.  Everyone works to maintain the school, the teachers, the volunteer base....everything needed.  It is a beautiful thing to behold.  I left that day knowing I have to help too. 

I am writing the history of  the school and the community.  I will present it to the school for them to sell and distribute any way they wish, with any and all revenue derived going to the school.

It is a new kind of challenge for me and one I am really enjoying.  I am a stickler for facts.  Even my children's fantasy stories are filled with facts.  Finding the facts for this story requires the help of all the local historians so I am meeting some of the most wonderful and exciting people. 

Debbi and I will soon be publishing a new children's book too.  That means I will be writing and marketing at the same time.  Should be interesting.......maybe a bit exhausting........but exciting... Life just couldn't be better!

To facebook or not to facebook!

I was reading a political article and wanted to make a comment.  In order to do so I had to sign in to face book.  I have my name and password in a file I keep.  I entered it exactly as I recorded it but was told it was incorrect.  I tried other passwords I use with no success.  I then clicked the box that I had forgotten my password.  A note came up that I would receive an email with instructions.  That note showed three email addresses for me. One of them is many years old and has been deleted with everyone including face book.  I clicked the line saying I no longer have these addresses.  When I entered my "new" address I was told it was already in use by someone else.  OF COURSE IT IS AND THAT SOMEONE IS ME!  I don't know about you but I have no time for the inept inexcusable stupidity of these people.  Don't look for me on face book.  I am deleting anything on that useless site. 



We have again faced horror of killing on a military base and mayhem in a school.  They are still talking to survivors, people at the site and so called experts!  The gun people are using the military event to again dance out their program to remove all guns everywhere.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a group evolve trying to ban knives from kitchens! 

Guns don't kill.  Knives don't kill.  People kill and mentally healthy people don't kill.  The mother of the boy who killed all those children was trying to get help for her son.  Thanks to the ACLU (a group that is nothing but a public nuisance) it is difficult if not impossible to get a family member into a mental health facility unless he agrees to it. (The law ignores the simple fact that a mentally ill patient is not capable of making an intelligent decision)  Because of this nearly all of our mental health facilities have been closed.  That mother was fighting a flawed system to get help.  She was his first victim!

If common sense was part of our laws, her son would have gotten help, she and all those children would be alive.  Her son would either have gotten care that helped him or he would be safe in a mental institution.

Wake up America!  WE need to add common sense to our laws and protect ourselves from the ACLU!  We need to reopen our mental health
health clinics, hospitals and treatment facilities.  Most of all we need stop the interviews and recognize the real problem, so we can move toward a solution. 

Relax and Refresh

Sometimes we get so mentally and physically exhausted, we have no choice but to take some time to relax and refresh.  I have just returned from a wonderful week of doing just that.  My husband and I took the Holland America Western Caribbean cruise.  We had a veranda room with our own private little deck and we just relaxed.  A cruise is always great if you enjoy good food, no work, and being treated like royalty.

We really needed time off so we did not take any of the island tours and took part in very few activities on the ship.  I woke up several times at night and sat on the veranda in the wee small hours, smelling the salty sea and listening to the water bubble and swirl as the ship cut through it.  We had a young man who took care of our room.  Hendry was like an invisible little elf.  We rarely saw him but every time we returned to our room he had tidied and cleaned everything.  For an entire week I did nothing - not even make my bed.  I wish I had Hendry here.  It's really a jolt to suddenly have to cook and clean again.

Cruising gives so many wonderful memories.  I think meeting new people is the best part of cruising.  This trip we were seated several times in the dining room with Anna and her daughter Cathy.  Meeting them and talking with them was really great.  It was so nice to recognize them as we roamed the ship.  We also met Marsha and Robert.  It's meeting people that you really relate to that makes the cruise ship a real home away from home.  I hope we keep in touch with these folks for many years.

I can't say enough for Holland America, the crew and the workers on the ship.  It is obvious they are all committed to making each guest feel like the most important person on the ship.  I am sure we will cruise again with Holland America.

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